4:46 am, juillet 13, 2024
Wind: 7 Km/h
Pressure: 1019 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 3:04 am
Sunset: 6:36 pm



We specialize in these important sectors: Airport management, specialized aviation training and flight operations.


Aéropro manages all the activities of the several aeronautical platforms in the Quebec City region. Faced with a more competitive environment and a diversification of activities, Aéropro seeks to adapt its management control by modernizing the tools and procedures initiated in 1988. The choices made by Aéropro, a service company, are presented and analyzed here.

The company operates and develops airports and civilian aerodromes in the Quebec City region over an area of ​​1200km, ie 17 airports and aerodromes which handle more than 50,000 flight movements and 200 tonnes of cargo per year.

Aéropro also strives to maintain mutually beneficial business relationships with its various suppliers of goods and services that directly or indirectly contribute to the provision of quality airport services.

R econnus mainly for its innovation, Aéropro aspires to be one of the best airports in Quebec managers. We believe that innovation is the key to success in a rapidly changing environment. Innovation can also be found in all fields of activity, whether it be airport operations, commercial and real estate services, or even engineering and construction. For us, being among the best also means creatively managing our physical facilities, our financial and human resources as well as the impact of our activities on the environment.

Specialized training: Aéropro offers a full range of specialized training in airport services.


Pétro Air Services, a subsidiary of the Aéropro Group, is an independent stevedore offering high quality services. We are constantly adapting to the expectations of our customers, offering constantly evolving products and services. We always offer more choices, as part of a caring and personalized relationship, while being part of a dynamic of upscaling, to position ourselves at the best level.

We offer de-icing and glycol recovery services to certain Canadian airports as well as airport maintenance services including snow removal, de-icing of runways and taxiways as well as the maintenance of airport sites during the summer season.

In addition, Pétro Air Services offers private owners of oil installations in the Quebec City region a 100LL fuel delivery service.

714, 7e Avenue de l'Aéroport
Québec, Qc G2G 2T6
418-877-2808 ​

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